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Need to Convert Some of Your Home's Equity into Cash?

Life happens - and sometimes you need to draw from some of the equity saved up in your home.

Here's how we can help - even if your credit isn't perfect...

Equity loans are an area of the lending industry where a lot of borrowers are unwittingly coerced into signing a loan contract that truly isn't fair. Much like "foreclosure help", this is a category where the consumers are often in a desperate situation. And desperation attracts predatory lenders, shady businesses and sometimes even outright scammers.

Now, on the other hand, there's certainly a lot of upstanding lenders and financial services that truly provide an excellent product for homeowners who want to unlock the value of their homes, and access capital for whatever the reasons may be.

The key is to work with someone with the experience to easily differentiate the wheat from the chaff - which isn't as easy as it may sound. (Remember that the "predators" out there will dress in sheeps clothing, figuratively speaking).

ShangriLoan™ connects borrowers who need to take out some of the equity in their property with experienced, aggressive mortgage professionals (licensed brokers) who specialize in restructuring debt, equity take-outs and, most importantly - looking out for YOUR best interests.

Even if you have bad credit, or your financial history isn't exactly a shining light - that's okay. In almost every case, accessing your equity is a "simple" process, and you'll have lenders lining up (because it's well-secured). Plus, our brokers specialize in sourcing alternative lending sources, so don't worry if other banks or lending companies have denied your application - chances are very good that we can help!

The thing to watch, though, is that you don't get hosed with interest, fees and otherwise repayment terms that aren't fair.Your situation may be desperate - but you still need to make a good financial decision where the consequences of signing on the dotted line will actually help, and not hurt.

For this reason, the very best choice is to team up with an experienced, capable broker who works for you - and not the lenders...

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Unlock Your Equity The Smart Way

It truly is as simple as filling out the form below, and letting our system automatically - instantly - connect you with a local broker who can directly help you get the perfect equity loan for your current situation, without getting "hosed"...

It takes only a couple moments - and not only could it mean a real possibility of accessing your equity very quickly - it also means that you'll have a skilled veteran at your side, looking out for you and negotiating on your behalf.

And did we mention that it's 100% Free? Well - it is, and there's no obligation or catch, whatsoever.

So make it easy on yourself - let us do the heavy lifting for you...

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