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Buying a Home and Need a Purchase Mortgage?

Here's how we can help - even if you've got bad credit and others have denied your application...

For most people, buying a home is the largest financial transaction that they'll undertake. And the seemingly "fine print" details of your mortgage can sometimes be the difference between financial freedom or financial ruin - literally.

It is very important that you have somebody experienced, and exclusively in your court, when it comes to:

a) Finding the Right Lender
b) Getting the Right Loan
c) Actually Understanding the Mortgage Contract/Terms & Negotiating on Your Behalf

The fact of the matter is that not all brokers, lenders or banks are born equal. An experienced, aggressive broker who actually understands the industry (and your situation) can most likely get you financed with the best possible terms - when in contrast your local bank and most "mortgage services" (average brokers) are nothing more than paper-pushers, sending your application to a cold, faceless lending corporation.

ShangriLoan™ connects borrowers like you with experienced, capable brokers who specialize in creative financing and, put simply - they make deals happen.

Even if your credit is less than stellar, or if your financial history is complicated - we can match you with someone who gets your situation, someone who can structure deals in such a way that even "challenging cases" can work out, and who will work for YOU - and not the lenders.

Getting a home purchase mortgage doesn't have to be a confusing, frustrating nightmare...

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It's Time to Team Up With a Broker
Who Can Actually Make it Happen...

It truly is as simple as filling out the form below, and letting our system automatically - instantly - connect you with a local broker who can directly help you with your home purchase.

It takes only a minute or two - and it can save you a world of confusion, headaches and stress once you've teamed up with our kind of brokers.

And did we mention that it's 100% Free? Well - it is, and there's no obligation or catch, whatsoever.

So make it easy on yourself - let us do the heavy lifting for you...

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