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What's ShangriLoan™?

And why is it the Borrower's Utopia, exactly?

ShangriLoan™ (ever so cleverly adapted from the mystical "Shangri-La") labels itself as a borrower's utopia for the simple reason that we focus on connecting our users with creative lending solutions that will actually translate into:

a) Getting Capital,

b) Borrowing Smart, and

c) Getting the Most From Your Mortgage or Loan (and not the other way around)...

...even if your credit, financial history some other factors make you a "challenging case".

What we've done is established relationships with key professionals across North America - all experienced, licensed mortgage brokers - who specialize in creative financing, sourcing alternative funding sources & mortgage/loan restructuring.

These are men and women who understand the individuality of the borrower, and who have spent years "in the trenches" of the lending industry helping people that most average brokers (or traditional banks) simply can't, or won't help.

In other words - ShangriLoan connects real borrowers with professionals who can actually put a deal together.

Professionals who won't just fire off your application to the usual lenders and hope for the best...

Instead, they'll twist arms, they'll call in favors, and they'll provide creative solutions for you that your Everyday Bank around the corner wouldn't even dream of offering you.

Now, just to be clear - even though it may be one of our key focuses, we don't exclusively serve clients who need creative financing or private money. Our participating brokers are more than happy to help the A-type clients with great credit and an excellent financial track record as well - and in fact, most likely you will find that our brokers will be far more aggressive and capable of getting a rock-bottom rate for you than a typical or local "mortgage service".

And that is why ShangriLoan is a utopian experience for our clients - it's because we're not yet another site where you can lookup mortgage rates, or submit your application to the same, tired old list of lenders.

Bottom Line: ShangriLoan is where you can find your "Yes" - when all you've been hearing is "No"

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Here's How it Works:

We've put together a nifty little chart for you that explains what happens exactly when you use ShangriLoan...

Hopefully that helps to clarify what exactly happens when you press "send". Also, if you're concerned about the privacy and security of your information, or if you're curious about how our company operates, profits and handles the data we transmit to our participating brokers, please feel free to read our policy sections:

Privacy, Newsletter & Security Policies
Compensation Disclosure
Terms of Use

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Let's Get You Financed...

It truly is as simple as filling out the form below, and letting our system automatically - instantly - connect you with a local broker who can actually make it happen for you.

It takes only a minute or two - and it can save you a world of confusion, headaches and stress once you've teamed up with our kind of brokers.

And did we mention that it's 100% Free? Well - it is, and there's no obligation or catch, whatsoever.

So make it easy on yourself - let us do the heavy lifting for you - and experience a bit of Utopia for a change...

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